Sidney North Saanich RCMP say that around 1 a.m. Sunday morning a volunteer was shot in the head with a pellet gun.

Police say the volunteer was patrolling with a group near North Saanich Middle School, the man was in his vehicle with the driver’s window slightly open and heard a loud bang and then the man felt a sharp pain in his head.

“Police and paramedics attended and it was determined our volunteer had been struck by what appears to be a BB pellet projectile,” said Sidney/North Saanich RCMP Cpl. Erin Fraser.

“A small pellet was subsequently located on the back seat of the vehicle.”

He was treated at the scene by paramedics for an abrasion and did not need to go to hospital.

No one was located at the time; however, RCMP say they now have two youths in custody.  The weapon has been seized. 

It is believed this was a random incident and not targeted. The investigation is ongoing.

The Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) concept originated in Western Canada. Ordinary citizens supplement police patrols to help reduce crime by keeping a neighbourly watch over their communities. Patrols watch for any unusual and/or criminal activity, and report such incidents to the police for any necessary follow-up.

The Sidney/North Saanich RCMP volunteer group is made up of retired residents of Sidney and North Saanich.

Police are reminding the public of the dangers of deploying projectile-type weapons in populated areas.

If you have any information on this incident, you are asked to call Sidney North Saanich RCMP at (250) 656-3931 or CRIME STOPPERS.

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  1. The FB comment above from Ron, while I too am annoyed with the kids actions, sending them to Jail won’t have the desired results. Jail simply groups all of them together where the feed off each others behaviour. Those 2 kids will come out more hardened and more likely to repeat an offence. Instead, separate the two youth and make them work off their punishment through community service then put them on probation for a few years.

  2. Not that I condone this, but as kids up in Mill Bay area we would often go to the gravel pit or quarry and have pellet gun wars.. or just shoot each other in the butt for some one sided fun.. Nobody ever died or even got really hurt.. Paint balls can sting a lot more on a chilly day than most pellets or bb’s.

    Moral of the story? Don’t let your kids have pellet guns, they will eventually shoot each other or a stranger — and then get chased through the woods by angry biker dad’s 😀


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