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In yet another close call with a cougar this summer, a wiener dog in Metchosin is “lucky to be alive”.

At around 5:00 pm near her Metchosin property off Kangaroo Rd, Jana King was walking her dog, Max.

“I’m like ‘come on, let’s go’ and I heard this shriek,” King told CHEK News. “[Max] was laying on his back, screaming and the cat was just on top of him.”

The cougar then looked up at King and took a step forward.

Saved By An Adrenaline Rush

But a sudden adrenaline rush gave King the courage to walk towards the cat and wave her arms to scare it off.

“I was just in a ‘get away from my dog’ mode,” said King. “And obviously hindsight it’s like what the hell was I thinking.”

But her quick actions saved her dog. Max was walking again on Thursday, having only suffered a few small puncture wounds.

B.C. Conservation says it’s the first reported cougar attack in Metchosin this summer.

However, several close encounters have been reported in nearby areas, including Esquimalt, Colwood, and Elk Lake.

Anyone who may come across a cougar to contact BC Conservation. Sighting reports can help Conservation Officers track the animal’s behaviour.

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