Johnson St Bridge
(City of Victoria)

After all these years, it’s finally happening. The new Johnson Street Bridge is being built (knock on wood).

On Sunday evening, the final shipment of steel for the new Johnson Street Bridge arrived in Victoria at the Ogden Point terminal.

The pieces included in that shipment are the bridge deck span – what cars and bikes will travel across – and the pedestrian and multi-use pathways.

Johnson St Bridge steel
Photo by City of Victoria

New Bridge Parts To Travel Under Old Bridge

On Monday the bridge deck span will be offloaded onto a barge and lashed down in order to be transported under the current Johnson Street Bridge on Tuesday afternoon.

Once the steel arrives in the upper harbour it will be cleaned and then inspected for any possible damage during shipping.

Work will then take place to attach the pedestrian walkway and the multi-use pathway to the deck span, as well as install the bridge architectural and traffic lighting and the new bridge deck surface.

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