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In a court order on Tuesday, Judge Lisa Mrozinski ordered that the pitbull that attacked and fatally injured a Maltese poodle back in April be put down.

According to Times Colonist, the trial included a video of Bentley – the liver-colored pitbull in question – attacking a decoy Jack Russell terrier who has the scent of a dog.

During the trial, the owner of the now-deceased Maltese-poodle, Peter McPherson, testified that during the attack, there was nothing anyone could do to stop Bentley from attacking Cassie – the nine-pound pet Maltese-poodle.

Upon taking her to the Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital, it was clear that Cassie’s spine was stretched out, and trying to save her would have been tantamount to cruelty – she had to be put down.

One of Bentley’s two owners, Ryan Mulligan, stated that the pitbull got away from him and attacked Cassie while he was changing his collars.

Judge Mrozinski concluded that the prognosis for Bentley’s rehabilitation was poor, and ordered him to be put down within two weeks.

His owner, Mulligan, plans to appeal the order.

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