A family from Sooke is looking for their 15-year-old Macaw parrot, Rufus.

The long-tailed parrot is described as a a Green Wing Macaw, with a large white beak and a green portion on his wing. His body is primarily red.

The family suspects he is hiding high up in tree tops keeping quiet. His lover, a military macaw, has been calling but without any success. It’s believed he is hiding and keeping quiet out of fear. He is described as very timid and shy.

If any of his calls are heard, or you notice a bright red bird in trees anywhere, you can respond to the 911 Parrot Alert (Official) facebook page.

The family is offering a substantial award for his return.

Rufus is a very sweet, large red 15 year old Macaw – "Green Wing Macaw". He's got a huge white beak with green on his…

Posted by Mimi Klingstat on Monday, October 9, 2017

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