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British Columbia’s public and stakeholder engagement on the legalization and regulation of non-medical cannabis is now complete.

It was one of the most engaging discussions in B.C. history, as an unprecedented number of people voiced their opinions. Overall, 48,151 British Columbians filled out the feedback form and offering their views on minimum age, personal possession limits, public consumption, drug-impaired driving, personal cultivation, and distribution models.

The government also received over 130 written submissions from organizations including local governments, school districts, cannabis industry, advocacy groups, and law enforcement.

Summary Report to be released in the coming weeks

The feedback acquired through this engagement process is aimed at building a BC-born approach to handling non-medical cannabis.

Over the coming weeks, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General will review, analyze, and create a summary report based on the input received. That information will then be released to the public.

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