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A colony of beavers on Pender Island have been temporarily saved from a grisly fate thanks to their human neighbours.

Though the number of beavers is in the single digits, their dams have caused water to build up behind a man-made dam, threatening its structural integrity.

After a year of examining potential options, Parks Canada decided a cull was the only option.

Plan To Be “Revisited”

However, when those plans to euthanize the iconic Canadian rodents were revealed, a group of concerned South Pender Island citizens put up an opposition.

Initially, Parks Canada said that they had exhausted all other options and had no choice but to euthanize the animals. But now that the opposition voices have made themselves heard, Parks Canada is now reportedly planning “a serious revisit to the conversation.”

The trapping of the animals has been put off at least until the end of the week. However, if another solution is found, the cull could be permanently postponed.




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