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The city of Victoria may soon be getting a new affordable housing building.

According to Times Colonist, a proposal to formally convert an old Traveller’s Inn at 3025 Douglas Street to affordable market housing will be going to a public hearing.

Current residents are there for the long haul

The 48 units of housing are currently zoned for temporary use as a motel, but its residents are renting for a longer period of time.

If the rezoning application is approved by the Victoria council, these residents will be able to become official tenants.

It’s basically being used as a rental property now

People living at this “motel” are already there on a long-term basis, which is why the Burnside Gorge community will not be opposed to it being transformed into affordable housing.

The only real implication of making the change officially will be a deduction in revenue to the city, since residential tax rates are much lower than commercial property tax rates.

This is the second time the city of Victoria has looked at an application to formally convert the property into a residential building.

According to a Burnside Gorge Community Association document, the current rent for each of these units is between $600-$700.

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