The annual salmon run at Goldstream Park. (Ken Pfister)

The salmon run at Goldstream Provincial Park started in mid-October, but according to a Facebook post by Friends of the Goldstream Nature House, only a couple thousand fish got the message.

Now, over two thousand might sound like a lot, but in comparison to previous years, that’s hardly a drop in the bucket (see post below).

Of course, the numbers could pick up as the run continues, but the sharp decline is worrying.

Until we know exactly how many salmon returned this year, the best advice for those who want to experience the run is to follow these rules:

Tips for Salmon Watchers:

1. Avoid wearing bright coloured clothing, especially reds, purple and pinks which salmon see very well.

2. Avoid moving quickly, and approach the river bank quietly. Find fish that are actively building nests and watch for the spawning behaviour.

3. Leave you dog at home. If you do bring a dog it must be on a leash and kept out of the river.

4. Don’t throw anything in the river.


Here are the counts from this week in November for the past several years:

2012 Nov 7 – 25,669
2013 Nov 6 – 9,583
2014 Nov 5 – 15,973
2015 Nov10- 12,539
2016 Nov 9 – 6,754
2017 Nov 8 – 2,066


Original Facebook Post:

Every Wednesday, a group of volunteers walks the Goldstream River and counts all the salmon they can see in the River. …

Posted by Friends of the Goldstream Nature House on Thursday, November 9, 2017


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