Royal Jubilee Hospital
Royal Jubilee Hospital (

This week, the courage of two Island Health Protection Services Officers was duly rewarded.

The officers in question – Charles Kraeling and Mattaius Bruecki – both received distinctive awards from the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety for going above and beyond in the line of duty.

Kraeling was given the Award of Valour after he successfully wrestled a knife away from the hands of a distressed man, thus securing the safety of patients and staff present in the four-bed ward.

And an Award of Distinction was bestowed upon Bruecki for being able to calmly and effectively talk a patient – who was in mortal peril without immediate medical attention – into getting off the roof of a 7-storey-building and going to the hospital’s emergency department.

“Our Protection Services Officers are required to respond to calls that require both courage and compassion, often in equal measure,” said James Hanson, Island Health Vice President Operations and Support Services. “Charles and Mattaius, we are proud of your professionalism and your commitment to the safety of everyone we serve at Island Health.”


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