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Were you frustrated at how long it took to get on the ferry this past summer?

B.C. Ferries has just announced that this summer, they received the largest amount of vehicle traffic that they have ever gotten, and the highest passenger traffic they have seen in 20 years.

The increased interest in travelling to and from the island may have been stimulated by the company offering discounted rates on off-peak-season sailings and adding more sailings for travelers during peak seasons.

To accommodate all the passengers, B.C. Ferries has also added three new vessels into full time service over the past six months

Over the course of July, August, and September, the company’s net earnings were at $98.4 million, which is $3.2 million higher than the same time period last year.

“During the busy peak season, BC Ferries generates higher net earnings that are offset by
lower earnings when traffic decreases in the off-peak seasons,” said B.C. Ferries CEO, Mark  Collins.

“Net earnings fund service improvements such as new vessels, upgrades of terminals and fare reductions like the ones offered this past summer to provide customers with more fare choice.”

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