Last month, the downtown hot yoga studio shut down without giving any notice to its students or staff.

When they arrived for class on November 23rd, they found nothing but locked doors and a notice that said the studio’s lease was cancelled because they had not paid their rent on time.

According to a CTV News report, the owner of Hudson Yoga posted on their Facebook page blaming the studio’s landlord, Townline, for raising rents unexpectedly.

However when CTV reached out to Townline,  the company denied these claims and stated that the lease was terminated because of unpaid rent.

Students are furious as they have yet to hear anything from the management of the studio aside from a vague notice posted on the Hudson Yoga website.


“The owner was collecting money for long term memberships right up to the day the company had it’s lease terminated,” says Isaac Greenwood, whose girlfriend was a member at Hudson Yoga.

“I’m hoping a little public awareness around this might force the hand of Marcene von Ravenhurst to return the money she knowingly stole from her loyal patrons.”

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