Finding housing for those without it can be increasingly stressful as winter approaches.

While the BC Government works towards addressing housing challenges, Choices, the temporary shelter, will provide for people in need until spring 2018.

Choices is the former provincial Youth Custody Centre in View Royal, which is now operated by Our Place Society. The society is creating individualized plans for all of the current resident’s housing needs.

“We are grateful for the partnership, and the support of the township, in helping to provide vitally needed housing for individuals from Victoria’s tent city,” said Shayne Ramsay, the CEO of BC Housing in a press release.

The Choices shelter in View Royal will be closed once residents are transitioned to the former Tally Ho site. The building was bought by the BC Government for $9.6 million in April 2017 and is currently owned and operated by the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

The Victoria Cool Aid Society applied for a temporary-use permit for a three-year period, which has now been approved by Victoria City Council. Renovations are proceeding to prepare the site for occupancy.

BC Housing and Our Place Society work with the community through a strategic use of neighbourhood meetings. Find out more information about housing developments during the next meeting at Choices on Jan. 9, 2018, at 7 p.m.

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