(5200 block Sooke Rd/Google Maps)

Last week, a Sooke RCMP officer had a pretty strange incident to report.

On January 4th at about 2:30 PM, RCMP officers responded to call about a man standing in the middle of Sooke Road, blocking traffic and displaying erratic behavior.

When the first police officer arrived, he became aggressive, refused to identify himself, and then ran down the highway and into a nearby house.

The officer in question followed him to the home, and strangely enough, the suspect walked out holding a glass of wine, declaring that he would not be arrested.

Of course, this didn’t stop her from arresting him. But he tried to put up a fight by attacking her and attempting to bite her face and head.

She was able to fend him off while other officers arrived, and he is now in custody awaiting charges.

Authorities believe that alcohol and mental health issues played a large role in this peculiar incident.

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