In the months leading up to legalization, the Canadian government has set about collecting valuable data about marijuana usage across the country.

To this end, Statistics Canada has launched a survey to find out how much weed you buy, what you pay for it, and whether you use it for medical purposes (with or without a prescription) or recreationally.

If you’re worried about taking the survey for fear that the info will be leaked (since recreational use of marijuana isn’t legal yet), rest assured that under the Statistics Act, StatsCan is “prohibited from releasing any information it collects that could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent, or as permitted by the Statistics Act.”

What it entails and why

The survey itself asks you exactly how much you paid for your weed, how much you bought, what its quality is, what city it was purchased in, and your primary reason for buying it.

The website also contains a useful graph of how much cannabis (for non-medical purposes) costs per gram in 2017 in each province – and it looks like British Columbians pay the least amount for our weed, at just $6.94 per gram.

“The data collected will be used in the Canadian system of national accounts to support the creation and validation of measures relating to the importance of the cannabis sector in the Canadian economy,” reads a statement on the survey website.

“The information may also be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes.”

Click here to take the survey and add your voice to the conversation.

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