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This island has some fantastic Instagram accounts. So each week we compile a selection of some of the best photos, which used the hashtag #victoriabuzz. Check out all these great photos around our beautiful city and island!

Every week we’ll make a new list, so if you want to get featured upload your photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #victoriabuzz. The best pictures will be shared in our next photo gallery.

Did you know that Feb 3 was @surfrider international straw-free day? • • Since I have moved to the island surrounded by our Pacific Ocean, I have first hand seen my impact on this beautiful place. Plastics washed up on our beaches and floating in the ocean is something that does not belong 😢 • • Having grown up in rural Alberta I remember throwing everything in the trash, plastics, glass etc because that was what we were taught to do. There was no recycling program in place out in the country and the garbage can was the most convenient way of removing wastes from our house 😣 literally just about everything would end up in there. • • Later on in my 20s, I moved in with an amazing roommate @buell_e in Calgary who kicked my ass every time she saw me put anything plastic in the garbage. Not only did she on a regular basis go through our garbage and pull out the recycling but she taught me the importance of reducing our waste footprint 💕 Moving to the island and being surrounded my environmentalists, clean water activists and attending a school that promotes local organic foods and composting, I have learned so much in such a short span of time. 🤯• • From someone who used to never think twice about her plastic consumption, let’s start to realize our impact. Start small- end up big. Choose plastics with caution and awareness, try and buy foods with less packaging when you can and do your part by requesting for no straws in your drinks 🙌🏼 your impact IS important, the ocean is a pretty amazing place, let’s take care of it.

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Calm in the Inner Harbour

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Overlooking the Juan de Fuca strait, Mt. Tolmie is an easy hike in the morning before class or after class to cleanse the mind from all the stress and drama that can be a students life. I particularly enjoyed this morning when I went to exercise on top of the mountain watching the sunrise. To be honest though, my workout turned our to be a failure as my phone decided to not cooperate with my workout app any longer. However, I got to snap some really nice pictures and this is one of them. 🙂 . . . . . . . . This is part nine of my throwback series to my time in Canada. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy going through my old pictures. . . . . . . . . #explorebc #explorevictoriabc #imagesofcanada #wearetravelgirls #naturephotography #victoriabc #britishcolumbia #Canada #washington #explorecanada #pacificnorthwest #instatravel #instagood #nature #aesthetic #sea #sunrise #nature #juandefuca #travel #travelphotography #travully #traveler #USA #victoriabuzz #hike #victoriahype #dailyviewvictoria #uvic #explorevictoria

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