BC Transit has applied to the town of View Royal to re-zone the property at 2401 Burnside Road.

The current handyDART facility, located on Glanford Ave, is beyond its capacity and can no longer accommodate the future growth of the service. An additional maintenance and operations facility is required, and the more central View Royal location offers connections to multiple main arteries of Victoria’s road networks.

The move will displace the Victoria Bowmen Archery Club, who have been operating an outdoor range there since 2011.

Originally, it was proposed that the Victoria Bowmen would keep their range and B.C. Transit would occupy a portion of the land, thus allowing both companies to co-exist. Unfortunately, further site examination has determined that the handyDART project requires land closer to the centre of the property.

A significant portion of the property will remain as greenspace and the Galloping Goose trail.

Public opinion sought by both organizations

B.C. Transit seeks public opinion for the final submission and design of the project. To this effect, they will be hosting an open house at Eagle View Elementary School on Tuesday, February 20th from 6 PM – 8 PM.

Similarly, the Victoria Bowmen are interested in public input for possible relocation targets. You can have your say here.

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