Happy Family Day long weekend folks!

According to a press release from the Provincial government, this is the last year that British Columbia will celebrate Family Day on the second or third Monday of February.

As of 2019, we will officially be joining other Canadian provinces and the United States in observing this holiday in the third week of February.

“Moving Family Day is the right thing to do for businesses small and large, and is better for families who may be spread out across the country,” said Premier Horgan.

“This gives families an opportunity to schedule and spend more time with loved ones from other provinces.”

Check out our list of things to do this Family Day weekend!

Did you know?

  • We have Alberta to thank for Family Day, after they introduced it in 1990.
  • For 16 years Alberta was the only province with the holiday, until Saksatchewan joined in 2007
  • Ontario added it in 2008, with British Columbia following suit in 2013
  • New Brunswick will celebrate Family Day for the first time this year in 2018

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