John Horgan Minimum Wage
BC Premier John Horgan - Photo via

Starting in June, B.C.’s minimum wage will be bumped up by $1.30 per hour.

The raise will give minimum wage workers an hourly wage of $12.65, up from $11.35. However, the increases won’t be limited to just 2018. In fact, the B.C. government also announced today that it plans to raise the provincial minimum wage to $15.20 by 2021.

Premier John Horgan announced the changes on Wednesday morning.

Yearly Raises Scheduled

“It’s long overdue that workers in B.C. be on the same pay scale as other provinces like Ontario, Quebec and Alberta,” Horgan said.

The increases leading up to 2021 are scheduled to happen on a yearly basis.

Premier Horgan joined Labour Minister Harry Bains at a JJ Bean Coffee shop in North Vancouver to make the announcement.

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