Douglas St Bus Lanes
(Colin Smith Photography)

One of Victoria’s busiest streets is looking a little less green than usual… at least for the time being.

The removal of 22 trees on Douglas St between Hillside Ave and Tolmie Ave began yesterday, making room for a southbound priority bus lane.

Those trees, along with four shrubs, will be gone by the end of the week, making room for the road to be widened and for double-decker buses to fit without worrying about stray branches.

Replacement Trees On The Way

Although the photos of the demolished trees look depressing, Douglas St will soon be full of greenery again – 40 trees are scheduled to be planted in other locations along the street.

Funded by the Province and the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, Douglas Street’s priority bus lanes will run from Fisgard Street to Tolmie Avenue.

Other motorists will only be allowed go through the lanes to turn right, otherwise, they risk a $109 fine.

YYJ Bus lanes

YYJ Bus lanes

YYJ Bus lanes

YYJ Bus lanes




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