(Richard Letourneau)

Get ready for some serious “aww”-worthy moments!

Baby goats (and mama-papa goats) have finally run back into our lives at the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm petting zoo, after a long, goat-less winter.

The inaugural goat stampede that marks the start of the petting zoo season each year happened on Friday, March 2nd. But don’t worry – the goat stampedes happen twice everyday, at 10:10 AM and 4:10 PM.

Running of the goats at Beacon Hill Children’s Park (Matthew Hindley Photography)

This year, 5 new kids have been welcomed into the squad, and are looking for cuddles to keep them warm.

So whether you’re 8 or 80, head over to Beacon Hill Park to take advantage of one of Victoria’s most adorable, wholesome pastimes!

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