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The death of 73-year-old Eileen Glynda Evans has been ruled accidental by the BC Coroner’s Service.

On March 29, 2016, Evans was run over by a five-tonne commercial truck at the intersection of Government and Fisgard.

She had stopped at a red light, and when it turned green the truck crossed her path, causing her to fall beneath the wheels.

Blind Spot Blamed

A police collision reconstruction cited a potential blind spot on the truck as the possible culprit.

“A cyclist or pedestrian in this spot would not be seen by the driver in either the mirrors or through a shoulder check,” stated Coroner Carolyn Maxwell.

Inconsistencies among Victoria’s traffic signs and bike lane markings were also discovered. However, both the driver and cyclist were frequent travellers on the section of road upon which the accident occurred, meaning it’s unlikely the signs confused them that day.

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