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For the third time in his career, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver has introduced a bill to try and reduce the provincial voting age to 16.

In a statement, the Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA argued that young British Columbians should be able to have a say in political decisions that impact them.

He referenced countries like Scotland, Argentina, Austria and Brazil that already allow 16 year olds to vote, and how this lower voting age has encouraged more political participation overall.

“Young citizens of British Columbia are old enough to drive, pay taxes and sign up for the military. They are also the leaders of tomorrow,” says Weaver.

“They should have a say in the direction we are heading, as they will inherit what we leave behind. B.C. should take this chance to strengthen our democracy and lower the voting age to 16.”

Click here to sign the petition to support lowering the legal voting age in BC to 16.

Mixed reviews on Twitter

While some people agree with Weaver’s initiative, others have reservations about letting children participate in the voting system, especially those who are not fully informed about politics.

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