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Victoria Police are warning the public of an increase in recent vehicle theft, particularly in parkades.

In 2016, 158 reported thefts were from vehicles in the downtown core, with 32 occurring in parkades. That means 20.2% of vehicle thefts were in parkades.

2017 statistics, however, tell a different tale. 441 reported vehicle thefts occurred in the downtown core, with 241 occurring in various parkades. Thus over half – 54.6% – of vehicle thefts were in a parkade in 2017, suggesting parkades are now being targeted by car thieves.

These trends present a stark contrast to 2016, as total thefts from vehicles has nearly tripled, while the percentage of theft from cars occuring in parkades has more than doubled.

Keep your valuables with you or out of sight

Officers, Reserve Constables, and volunteers have been proactively patrolling parkades as part of the Lock Out Auto Crime (LOAC) program.

Parkade patrollers regularly see valuable items such as money, laptops, smarthpones, and other electronics in plain view, and would like to remind folks that it puts a bulls-eye right on your vehicle for thiefs to target.

If you find a LOAC notice on your vehicle, it is a friendly reminder on how you can reduce the chance of theft from you vehicle.

If you have been the victim of theft, you can report it either online at or by telephone at 250-995-7654.

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