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We’re not crying, you’re crying…

A dog stolen in Saanich in September had a remarkable reunion with his owner on Thursday, giving the internet yet another tearjerking dog-returning-home video.

But though seeing Red (a redbone coonhound) hug owner James Dumont made for a great video, the story behind the pair’s reconnection makes the situation even more awe-inspiring.

Dumont and his then-girlfriend Amoray Aloisi had adopted Red in September 2017, but just a couple days later, the dog was stolen from Dumont’s car in the Tillicum Mall parking lot.

Authorities were alerted and an extensive social media campaign made the rounds.

Original Facebook Post:

Posted by FLED – Find Lost & Escaped Dogs Vancouver Island on Monday, September 25, 2017

“I just want him back, everyone’s crushed,” Dumont told CTV News at the time.

But despite thousands of Facebook comments and shares, Red’s lack of clear identification (i.e. a microchip or tattoo) proved to make the pup too elusive to find… Until a couple of weeks ago.

Red’s picture had been re-posted by Find Lost and Escaped Dogs Vancouver Island (FLED), every month or so, and the constant alerts finally paid off with a lead in Duncan, British Columbia.

Tanya Grometer called FLED and the local police after spotting a familiar-looking dog in town. Soon after her tip was called in, FLED released another alert, which may have prompted the dog-thief to finally let Red go.

Regardless, the pup was found walking along the road and taken to Coastal Animal Services in Duncan.

After authorities did their best to confirm that Red was indeed Red, Dumont and Aloisi were asked to come to the shelter to take a look. The resulting encounter was as cute as you can imagine.





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