Students from Oak Bay High School to help salmon in the city at Victoria International Marina (Victoria International Marina)

Over thirty grade-twelve students from Oak Bay High School visited the Victoria International Marina on Tuesday, but instead of scoping out mega-yachts, they were helping to bring back salmon.

Specifically, they’re sampling the local harbour-water, gathering data to help create reports required to release thousands of salmon fry to the Salish Sea ecosystem.

The opportunity will allow students to be part of ongoing regional efforts to replenish declining salmon stocks.

Two Years in the Making

While observing thousands of small fish enjoying the docks at the Victoria International Marina in late summer 2016, the students’ question of “What more can we do?” has now evolved into an exciting marine biology project.

A healthy fish habitat environment requires a mix of inbound and outbound fresh water and this testing will confirm that water meets the acceptable criteria for the temporary marine enclosure that will house the salmon prior to their release.

The Marina team continues to partner with local marine ecology thought leaders and in this case with a view to increasing wild salmon stocks.

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