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Get ready for some new food trends to blow up soon!

Technological innovation in the agricultural sector of British Columbia is about to get $14 million from federal and provincial governments through the Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program.

The fund is intended to help farmers and food processors develop techniques and new products to keep the Canadian farming industry competitive.

The program is a part of the five year Canadian Agriculture Partnership, which also includes $2 billion in cost-shared strategic initiatives delivered by the provinces and territories, and $1 billion for federal programs and services through March 2023.

The Canada-BC part of the fund is meant to support initiatives like:

  • investments in applied science for major sector commodities;
  • improved support for minor sector commodities and emerging/transformative areas including agri-tech;
  • enhanced efforts in clean growth, environment and climate change;
  • accelerating the growth of the sector, particularly in the agrifood and value-added food processing sectors; and
  • strengthening knowledge transfer and adoption.

Farmers in BC already use up-and-coming technology like drones and computerized sensors to monitor their crops, as well as experiment with new techniques and products like quinoa, wasabi, and tea.

Click here for more information about the Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program.

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