Help us Victorians, you’re our only hope!

3-year-old Logan lost his best friend Chewbacca (or ‘Bacca’, as he’s known by the family) while exploring Fisherman’s Wharf and Beacon Hill Park, and his mom took to Facebook to try and find the stuffed toy.

Logan has had Bacca for almost his entire life, after it was gifted to him by his grandparents while they were visiting from Northern Ireland to meet their newborn grandson.

He carried the toy with him while visiting the goat stampede at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm and then journeying over along Government and Douglas Streets on Monday, May 14th between 10:30 and 11:30 AM.

“Poor Bacca has gone on an adventure in Victoria and despite retracing our steps is nowhere to be found,” reads the Facebook post by Logan’s mom, Emma Gillis.

Have you seen Chewbacca hanging out in downtown Victoria lately? Send us or Emma Gillis a message if you have!

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