The program is an Our Place Society initiative. (Google Maps)

The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions has announced its decision to fund a new recovery centre in Victoria that will help people struggling with addiction, homelessness, etc. overcome their obstacles by taking a holistic approach.

The province will therefore be providing $4.7 million┬áto Our Place Society’s Therapeutic Recovery Community (TRC) – a program that helps individuals find ways to address the root causes of their addictions and start rebuilding their lives in a healthy environment.

Membership in the community revolves around work, as each resident takes part in keeping the program functioning. Not only does this instil a sense of belonging in the community, but also provides them with necessary job skills.

Location and application

The TRC will probably be located at 94 Talcott Road – a former youth custody centre in View Royal. BC Housing will be renting out the building to Our Place Society for a token price in order to support the initiative, and will provide a grant of about $300,000 to cover site renovations and property taxes for the next three years.

The location will be staffed by a team of health care professionals, counsellors, case managers, and social workers whose goal it is to make sure that clients who experience the program come out of it with a job, a place to live, and a sense of what it’s like to live in a community.

Acceptance of applications to the TRC program is slated to begin in 2019-20, with potential members being referred through the criminal justice system or Our Place Society’s network of social service providers.

Each resident will undergo a rigid application and interview process to make sure they are suitable for the recovery program.

“Our government is working to provide a full spectrum of connected and holistic mental health and addiction supports to help all British Columbians live happier, more fulfilling lives,” said Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions.

“I am so proud to support this innovative, therapeutic recovery community, which will help people living with addiction develop the skills they need to thrive in our community.”

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