Now that the school year has drawn to a close, it’s the perfect time to show teachers how much their work is appreciated.

A small gift can make your teachers’ day, so to help you out, we’ve put together 10 gift ideas to show the teacher in your life that the countless hours spent grading, marking, and caring for their students doesn’t go unnoticed.

We’ve kept away from the usual suggestions of candles, flowers, and coffee mugs in favour of more practical, but still thoughtful gifts that your teacher is sure to love.

Gift cards

Whether it’s for a restaurant, new clothing, books, or whatever else you can think of, a gift card can go a long way towards helping a teacher out. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy; a $10 or $15 gift card for one of Victoria’s many coffee shops would be huge!

Event tickets

Maybe your teacher likes going to the movies, or catching the big game. Why not treat them to tickets for a movie at Cineplex or Capitol 6, or a HarbourCats game?

Lush products

Before you commit to this, make sure you find out whether or not your teacher can use scented products or not. Thankfully, Lush offers both, but it always helps to check. Stop by their locations on Government Street or Hillside Shopping Centre and pick up one of their gift boxes, or just get a few bath bombs!


You can cater this one to your teacher’s chosen subject, which should make things a little easier. Stop by Russell Books and check out their fiction section on the second level for your English teacher, or visit the vintage collection on the bottom floor to find some real treasures for your history teacher.

School supplies

Many teachers are often on the hook for their own school supplies, so why not help them out? Pick up some Sharpies, dry erase markers, pens and pencils, and Post-it Notes, throw ’em in a nice container, and you’re set! It’ll help replenish the pens and pencils sure to be lost throughout the year.

A potted plant

Obviously you’ll want to make sure your teacher has a green thumb before gifting them a plant to take care of. But even if they don’t, a small succulent that’s easy to maintain can make a great addition to any desktop. These would be easy to find at any flower shop!


Honestly, who doesn’t need a new pair of socks? Make sure your teachers’ feet are covered with a pair of nice warm socks, or even a pair of funny ones. Go take a look at Oscar & Libby’s awesome selection of socks and other weird, offbeat gifts.

Monogrammed gifts

Whether it’s a hand towel, a notebook, or pencils, putting your teachers’ name on a gift can give it that extra personal touch!

A wine gift basket

Does your teacher like wine? Why not put together a little gift basket with one or two bottles (and maybe some snacks to go with it) for them to enjoy at home? Hazeltons‘ pre-selected wine baskets may be a bit pricey, but you can customize one and have it ready for next-day delivery.

A handwritten letter

Sometimes the nicest gestures are the simplest ones. Many teachers say the most meaningful gift they can receive is written confirmation that the work they’re doing has paid off. A short note of gratitude written by you or your kid can be a treasured memento!


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