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A new six-storey building in Langford has been built entirely for the purpose of containing Airbnb suites.

This short-term rental suite building, called Solo Suites, is located on Goldstream Ave and has 42 bachelor, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites.

These rooms are fully furnished with kitchen appliances and utensils, washer/dryers, bathrooms, TVs with basic cable, and regular household furniture.

The business functions like an apartment building, with no front desk or concierge, but it does offer free parking, linen changes and an optional maid service.

In lieu of an attached restaurant, their website offers a list of eateries and grocery stores nearby from which to acquire sustenance during your stay.

Solo Suites calls itself a ‘Cyber Hotel’ and so far, has been keeping busy, despite only having opened a couple of weeks ago.

Owner and Developer Malcolm Hall told Victoria Buzz that they have had to remove some of their Airbnb postings because of how swamped the reservations have been.

Meanwhile, the City of Victoria cracked down on short-term vacation rentals in November 2017 citing the current housing crisis in the city and the unfairness of an unregulated vacation housing market operating at lower costs alongside conventional hotels, motels, inns, etc. as their reasoning.

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