It’s that time of year again: it’s crow attack season.

If you’ve been subject to more frequent crow attacks as of late, it’s not just you. Crow attacks often increase from April to July, as young crows are protected with vigour by their squawky parents.

Want to know where to avoid? Langara College in Vancouver has maintained an online map showing crow attack hotspots since 2016.

Users can update the map with locations where they’ve been dive-bombed, alerting other people to any potential risks.

A map of reported crow attacks in Greater Victoria. (CrowTrax)

This year, we asked Victoria Buzz readers on Facebook for stories of their crow attacks. Here’s just a few of them (edited for clarity):

I was attacked 3 times in two blocks last weekend while carrying a bag of cherries. I had to hide them under my coat, and nearly punched the bird the third time… yes that close.” – Kerri Swain

“Yes! Had one follow me for a couple blocks and attempted to dive bomb my head by Save-On-Foods Memorial centre a few weeks ago.” – Jolene Gaudet

“There’s an aggressive set of crow parents that nested at the front doors of the Bay Centre downtown. I got my hat ripped off my head and my hand scratched up about a week ago there.” – Jennifer Bishop

“I had stopped walking (to send a text) and had my child in a stroller. I heard the crows but didn’t think anything of it. Then I felt one swoop at my head. I was like ‘wtf?!’ And just kept walking. It happened two more times—actually touching my hair. I copped on and grabbed the umbrella my kid was playing with and literally ran into a near building as they kept at me!!!! I kid you not that when I left, there was a crow, and I swear it saw me and called its mates over! They were so loud, I actually went back inside and considered putting my hair in a different style so they would t recognize me! It was both hilarious and terrifying!” – Jenn Turnbull-Aherne

Facebook Conversations

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