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Be careful when you’re taking your dog out for a swim in the ocean!

A Victoria woman issued a warning to dog owners after her black Shepard Lab was attacked by two large river otters.

On Tuesday, June 12th, at about 7:30 PM, local pet owner Anne Tanner took her two dogs, MJ (90 lbs black Shepard Lab) and Scarlett (80 lbs Bordeaux Mastiff), to Clover Point for a swim.

She sat on a chair to read and throw sticks for her dogs to chase after – and for a while, it seemed like any other evening at the beach.

But suddenly, screams filled the air, and she looked up to see her black Shepard Lab being attacked by two large river otters, who had latched onto the dog and tried to pull her underwater.

Tanner was too far away from the scene and helpless to do anything, but luckily a couple who was near the water screamed and threw driftwood at the otters until MJ was able to free herself and swim to shore.

By the time she got back, she was crying, shaking, limping, and clearly in distress. Thankfully, however, she will be okay.

Tanner took to social media to share her story and warn other local pet owners and parents of small children about aggressive river otters in the area.

“[I] simply wanted to warn residents that 6 ft long Sea Otters are in the area and were blatantly hunting for prey,” she writes.

“Please be careful with small children and pets when you are at the beach. And some friendly advice…if you smell an extra pungent fishy smell (which I smelled but didn’t think anything if it), put your animals on a leash, as that’s a good sign Sea Otters are in the area!”

Read the whole post below:

WARNING to Victoria residents who frequent Clover Point with their animals and small children……..Tonight around…

Posted by Anne Tanner on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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