(Kate White/Twitter)

One Vancouver resident was walking along the beach when she spotted a rather remarkable sight that set the town a-buzz.

According to Daily Hive, on Tuesday June 19th, Kate White posted a photo of a shark, a seal, and a heron, all coasting in the shallow waters of Kitsilano Beach.

A Vancouver Aquarium spokesperson told Daily Hive that the shark is most likely an adult Pacific Spiny Dogfish, and poses no real threat to human beings – unless you get too close to the poisonous spikes located at the dorsal fin.

They are rarely seen in shallow waters, leading experts to believe that this one may have been hunting or in distress.

Kits beach is just three hours away from Victoria, which begs the question of whether or not any sharks will drop by the island in the near future.

In any case – keep your eyes peeled when you’re at the beach!

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