Canadian apology
Canada Day on the Coast. Photo via Instagram @mattyrobphotography

With Canada Day just around the corner, Google has compiled a list of the trendiest things that we crazy Canucks like to say.

Whether we’re hiding a two-four from a Mountie, or running through the 6ix in our favourite bunnyhug, Canadians sure have the best slangs, eh?

How many of these terms do you use on a daily basis?


(Google Canada Trends)
Province Most Unique Phrase
Alberta bunnyhug
British Columbia Canuck
Manitoba keener
New Brunswick toonie
Newfoundland and Labrador yes b’y
Nova Scotia two-four
Ontario the 6ix
Prince Edward Island eh
Quebec pop
Saskatchewan double-double
Northwest Territories keener
Nunavut Mountie
Yukon fill your boots


In continuation of the theme, Google Trends also created lists of the 5 most asked questions about Canada by Canadians, and by the rest of the world.

Top Questions Canadians Asked About Canada (Over the Past Year)

  1. How many provinces are in Canada?
  2. When is Black Friday in Canada?
  3. What is the population of Canada?
  4. How old is Canada?
  5. Is weed legal in Canada?

Top 5 Questions the World Asked About Canada (Over the Past Year)

  1. What is the capital of Canada?
  2. Is weed legal in Canada?
  3. How to move to Canada?
  4. Is Canada a country?
  5. What is the population of Canada?

Looks like everyone wants to know about the population of Canada, and whether or not weed is legal!

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