Fortune did NOT favour these two unlucky drivers Friday afternoon.

Just before 4 p.m., Victoria Police were called to Mac’s store in Cook Street Village after receiving reports of a vehicle driving into a building. The collision left the front of the vehicle heavily damaged and a large gaping hole in an exterior wall.

Police said there were no injuries and they are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Meanwhile, at around the same time, a Salt Spring resident missed his ferry home and decided to enjoy the waterfront in Sidney. Unfortunately, he forgot put the brakes on his truck before exiting the vehicle.

A witnesses saw it rolling into the water and yelled out to him. He ran down the wharf to stop the vehicle but the truck was already fully submerged before coming to a rest.

According to a witnesses who asked not to be named, there were 23 newly built bird cages in the back of the truck that were going to be sold at the Sidney Market. She said the driver was visibly upset and not well to do so she took care of the man’s tow bill.

Several of the bird houses had to be plucked from the water.

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