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We know about how Victoria Police officers fight crime and catch the bad guys on a regular basis – but their new training has given them a new way to save lives.

On Friday, July 6th, VicPD officers responded to a distress call in the 700-block of Lampson Street in Esquimalt, where a man was suffering from life-threatening injuries.

He was urgently in need of first aid, which the officers were able to provide thanks to their Officer Down training. They applied two tourniquets and provided other life-saving first aid in order to stabilize his conditions.

The victim was then transported the hospital to be treated for his potentially life-threatening injuries.

Adopted from a similar program offered at the Vancouver Police Department, VicPD officers developed their own first-aid training with the assistance of VicPD’s Medical Director, Dr. Mark Vu.

“The nature of law enforcement exposes police members to potentially life threatening occupational injuries, and the Police Officer Down training program empowers officers with the skills and equipment to help themselves and other police officers who are injured in the line of duty,” VicPD Medical Director Dr. Mark Vu said.

“Occasionally, when appropriate, having police officers with these skills will also benefit the safety of the public that we serve. I am grateful for the expert, professional response from these officers earlier this morning that appears to have had a life-saving impact on a member of the public, and I sincerely wish that individual a speedy recovery. I also want to acknowledge our colleagues, paramedics with at BC Emergency Services ambulance and Esquimalt Fire Rescue for their roles in assisting this individual.”

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