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A photo of a seemingly ordinary traffic stop has created a buzz in Greater Victoria over the past 24 hours, and there’s one simple reason: it happened next to the Regina Park tent city in Saanich.

Facebook user Taylor Fraser posted the image with a caption that pointed out a police cruiser parked next to the Regina Park tent city.

According to the caption, Fraser comes to the conclusion that the officers had pulled over a commuter who was speeding on their way to work, while ignoring the crimes committed by people living in the encampment.

And a lot of people appear to agree with his views on the matter. The post was shared over 950 times, and has garnered 1.7K reactions at the time of publication.

“This picture sums it all up,” reads Fraser’s caption.

“[P]eople have taken over a public park, caused fire hazards, do illegal drugs and have spiked crime rates in the area leaving needles for animals and small children to find…. they even have themselves a trampoline (as you can clearly see)… yet 5 ft away police officers enforce the LAW and ticket hard working tax payers for doing 10 over on their way to WORK.”

While a lot of the people in the comment section have expressed similar iterations of Fraser’s views, others disagree, stating that speeding is a serious issue and this post makes light of the struggles faced by homeless people living in the tent city.

The cruiser, in fact, belongs to the RCMP’s Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU), which deals specifically with traffic laws and has nothing to do with enforcing laws and bylaws that aren’t related to road safety.

Here’s the original Facebook post:

Tent City Update:This picture sums it all up.. people have taken over a public park, caused fire hazards, do illegal…

Posted by Taylor Fraser on Thursday, July 19, 2018

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