Jonn from Cook Street Marketplace. (Village on Cook St. Facebook)

Nestled in the heart of Cook Street Village is Cook Street Marketplace, famous for its fresh produce, sweet flowers, and even sweeter owners.

The Village on Cook St., a Facebook page highlighting the businesses in the area,  affectionately remembered the store and its owners, John and June, Wednesday in Facebook a post.

“After 32 years in the Cook Street Village, John, our guitar playing, song-singing, Green Grocer is closing shop. It’s hard to imagine the Village without him! He has a HUGE and generous heart and knows all his customers by name! We’re really going to miss him!!”

Many commented on the post sharing similar thoughts and wishing the owners a happy retirement. Here are a few of the comments:

“Cook Street won’t be the same without him,” Rose Currie.

“A true fixture in the village. Before he had his present shop he worked at the old Shop Easy where Rexall Drugs is now,” Jo-Anne Vickers wrote.”He was the Produce Manager. Many, many years he has been serving people. Hate to see him leave….but he’s earned his rest,” she added.

“Totally well deserved, a great example of commitment and hard work. It is going to be such a huge loss to the village and everyone is right, the village won’t be the same without an open air market style grocer,” wrote Brice Castle.

The Marketplace’s last day of business is Sunday, September 30, 2018.

THIS GUY!❤️Like his sign says…after 32 years in the Cook Street Village..John, our guitar singing…..

Posted by The Village on Cook St on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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