(From left to right: Habit Coffee, Mo:Le Restaurant, Bliss Cafe / from Bliss Cafe Facebook page)

With municipal elections just two short days away, three downtown Victoria business owners have announced their endorsement of mayor Lisa Helps for re-election.

The trio, whose businesses are located in the 500-block of Pandora Avenue, issued a joint statement that approves of the city’s new bike lanes, and credits Lisa Helps with helping build a business-forward community.

The endorsement comes from local business owners Shane Devereaux of Habit Coffee, Josh Miller of Mo:Le Restaurant, and Joe Cunliffe & Heather Benning of Bliss Cafe.

“As established small business owners working downtown, we hear a lot of discussion about
bike lanes, and, occasionally, about how they are bad for our city,” says the Victoria business owners. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. Bike lanes and their added bike parking have been nothing but positive for our businesses and we have seen firsthand how they’ve elevated the health of our community.”

“We feel Mayor Helps is the right choice for the future of our city. We’ve been in business for over a decade, and in the last four years we’ve been thriving in the climate conscious and business-forward Victoria that Mayor Helps is working to create.”

Helps said she was grateful for the support of these local entrepreneurs, and that one of the intended benefits of active transportation is to increase foot traffic to businesses like these.

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