This year’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) report has revealed that an Oak Bay police officer was discharged for using the services of a sex trade worker.

As a result of an investigation requested by the police department, the allegations against the officer were substantiated, resulting in dismissal.

While the date of the incident is undisclosed, it occurred in 2016 and it is unclear whether the officer in question was on or off-duty at the time of its occurrence.

The officer had a right to request a Public Hearing or a Review on the Record, but they chose not to exercise that right.

“Based on a review of the evidence, the OPCC was satisfied that the decision of the Discipline Authority was appropriate considering the circumstances,” reads the report.

According to a follow up from Oak Bay Police Chief Constable Andy Brinton, there is no evidence to indicate that the officer was engaged in said behaviour while on duty.

“The behaviour of this police officer does not meet the expectations of the Oak Bay Police Department nor the community at large,” reads Chief Cst Brinton’s report. “The sanction supports the seriousness of this breach of the Police Act. This individual will never be a police officer again. ”

Second investigation of Oak Bay Police

In an unrelated case, another Oak Bay police officer was charged with negligently discharging a bullet while undergoing mandatory training which included firearms re-qualification on April 5th, 2017.

The officer was required to disassemble a service revolver five times so as to demonstrate that they were ready to do so on the range with ease.

However, on the officer’s fifth repetition of the process, a bullet was accidentally discharged.

“There appeared to be a jammed casing in the firearm. The area was searched thoroughly but no bullet was found. No one was hurt as a result of this incident,” reads the report.

The officer in question accepted full responsibility for the incident and was advised to future conduct as a disciplinary measure.

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