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You can’t make this shit up!

Police are searching for a cyclist who flung his own feces at the windshield of a car after a collision that knocked the man off his bicycle at the intersection of Yates and Cook Streets.

According to Victoria Police Cst. Matt Rutherford, the cyclist was verbally abusive to the driver and opened the door to her vehicle, before resorting to throwing his feces at the car.

The driver then locked herself in her car, and witnesses took photos and videos of the incident, fearing that it may turn violent.

The man is described as approximately 35-years-old, standing 5’10 tall and has a brown beard.

In a video posted to Reddit by user u/rtlxxfmls, he can be seen ramming his bike into the passenger side headlights of the vehicle before fleeing down Cook Street.

“The things Iā€™d never thought Iā€™d have to say in an interview…’Completely unacceptable to defecate and throw it at a car’,” Rutherford tweeted on Monday evening.

Check out the video:

*Warning: Video contains explicit language.

Interesting incident at Yates and Cook caught on camera – Man throws his own poop at car that may have knocked him off his bike and then proceeds to smash right turn signal before fleeing the scene from VictoriaBC


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