Are you looking for a fun new way to work out? Want to prove that you’re a Ninja Warrior?

2019 might be your chance because a new ‘ninja gym’ is opening up in Sidney soon!

Pacific Ninja Gym is described as an “adult obstacle gym” that offers fun and challenging workouts.

The ninja training centre will host adult fitness classes, youth fitness classes (ages 7 – 11 and 12 – 15), birthday parties, drop ins, and more.

“We’re hoping to open soon,” co-found Brad Armstrong told Victoria Buzz.

Renovations to the space and final preparations are all the remains for the gym before opening.

If all goes well, their doors will open in downtown Sidney on January 15th.

Dramatic beginnings

Pacific Ninja Gym is being run by husband and wife team, Brad Armstrong and Katharine Palmer.

Inspiration for the facility began after Brad dramatically changed his lifestyle to contend with an illness.

“A few years ago, like 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease,” said Brad.

“My life wasn’t all that great at the time, as you can imagine.”

“They put me on some pretty heavy medication and it made me feel a lot worse. So I decided I to wanted to take control of my life.”

To take charge of his health, Brad turned to exercise and completely overhauled his diet.

He would then go on to workout in gyms in Victoria, before eventually finding that some classes were becoming too easy.

“Their workouts weren’t hard enough for me so I started climbing at the Stelly’s Climbing Gym.”

“I started going three times a week and started loving the excitement of it all.”

Eventually, Brad grew curious about similar workouts and decided to head to Vancouver to check out some of the city’s ninja gyms.

The gyms in Vancouver left an impression on Brad, who would later sell his Victoria business to open Pacific Ninja.

“We sold our kayak shop in Fisherman’s Wharf then took the money from it and put it into the gym.”

Prospective ninjas will be able to test their skills at Pacific Ninja Gym later this month.

Adam is Pacific Ninja Gym’s official obstacle tester.

Posted by Pacific Ninja Gym on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pacific Ninja Gym

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