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Two years into Trump’s presidency and a record breaking number of Americans have reported that they would like to move out of the U.S., says Gallup World Poll.

And a lot of them want to move into our backyard.

According to Gallup, an average of 16% of all Americans in 2018 said they would like to move to a different country permanently.

During Obama’s administration, an average of 10% of Americans said the same thing, while 11% said they wanted to move during George W. Bush’s years in term.

“While Gallup’s World Poll does not ask people about their political leanings, most of the recent surge in Americans’ desire to migrate has come among groups that typically lean Democratic and that have disapproved of Trump’s job performance so far in his presidency,” said the organization.

Specifically, “women, young Americans, and people in lower-income groups.”

According to Gallup, a record breaking one-in-five U.S. women (20%) said they would like to move to another country permanently if they could, which is double the percentage (10%) during Obama’s presidency.

That number doubles again for American women under 30, where a whopping 40% said they’d like to leave the U.S. for somewhere else.

Meanwhile, a total average of 13% of male respondents said they would like to move out of the country.

Gallup says before the Trump administration, “there was no difference between men’s and women’s desires to move.”

The Great White North

Out of all Americans that said they wanted to move, over a quarter (26%) named Canada as their ideal destination.

That number is more than double the percentage of 2016 poll, when only 12% of respondents cited our country as a place where they wanted to move.

However, Gallup notes that “people’s desire to migrate is typically much higher than their intention to do so.”

“In fact, since Trump’s election, Canadian statistics show only a modest uptick in the number of Americans who have moved to Canada.”

Back in October, Statistics Canada reported that more Americans were visiting our country, while less Canadians were travelling down south.

“After years of remaining flat, the number of Americans — particularly young women — who desire to leave the U.S. permanently is on the rise.”

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