West Shore RCMP have arrested a woman who was found slumped over the wheel of a parked vehicle and had suspected opioids in her possession.

The arrest occurred at around 1 a.m. on March 12th, and the vehicle was parked at the curb on Hoffman Avenue at Winster Road.

When the patrol officer pulled over to check on the woman’s well being, he observed signs of drug impairment and noticed a bag of white powered substance (suspected to be an opioid) in her possession.

He then initiated a search and found 14 grams of the suspected opioid on her person, after which he arrested her for Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking.

“Opioid’s are known to be highly addictive and can often be deadly,” said Cst. Nancy Saggar, Media Relations Officer for the West Shore RCMP.

“This amount of suspected Opioid was likely going to be trafficked into the West Shore community and was stopped solely due to the frontline officer’s investigation.”

The patrol officer also commenced an impaired driving investigation and, with the help of a Drug Recognition Expert, concluded that the woman was heavily impaired and not able to operate a motor vehicle.

After her arrest, the woman was released, given a 24 hour ban from driving and her vehicle was also impounded.

She is expected to appear in court for the aforementioned charges once the police investigation has been completed.

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