Monday, June 17, 2024

Old $2 Bills Are Now Worth $20,000



If you never thought to hold on to your old-school discontinued two dollar bills, prepare to kick yourself, because the one you used to buy a pack of gum with in ’95 could now be worth $20, 000, if someone is willing to pay, that is.

Not all two dollar bills are worth ten thousand times their original market price. Only 1986-series bill with an AUH-prefix on the seven digit serial number below the bill’s pic is worth the whopping 20 grand. One of the five still remaining was sold in Toronto a few months back, with $20, 00 as the starting price. The bill itself was actually sold for 10, 000.

For those youngins who have no clue what a two-dollar bill is, they were the precursor to the toonie. Once the two-dollar coin came about, printing of the two-dollar bill ended on February 18, 1996. The worth of a two-dollar bill can fluctuate, depending on year and condition, with the AUH-version being the cream of the cash crop.

Start flipping cushions and excavating your grandparents’ money jars, ‘cuz who knows what kind of cash you could find.

Be aware, only these incredibly rare $2 bills are valued anywhere near $20, 000. Most are not. Use this site as a reference to value your own bill, because contrary to popular belief, I am not an appraiser of rare items.



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