4 pets have died in the 3900 block of Carey Road in less than a week…2 cats were found deceased and a cat and dog both passed away after suffering seizures…no cause has been confirmed but it sounds suspiciously like poison. Please keep a close eye on your pets and don’t let them out unsupervised. We just received this information. More details to come as we get more information.

UPDATE FROM Danielle Charles: I live on Carey and my dog is the one who passed away. My neighbours cat also passed away the day before and had the same symptoms as my dog.(Completely fine to seizure by nonstop..) Vets did an autopsy but nothing obvious was found. Another cat was found deceased by my neighbor(who lost her cat) and has put signs up looking for owner. Cat is at McKenzie vet. No tattoo or microchip and is all white

UPDATE FROM Krystal Scherling: ” My cat was one who passed away due to the poisoning. The white cat was found next door to me, both cats were deceased within hours of each other and the third animal, the dog, within another 12 hours. What happened was terribly unfortunate and my hearts go out to all who were affected by this. Please beware and use caution with your pets in this area, the fact that the poisonings took place within hours from each other lead me to believe they were not an accident. Thank you, Danielle for doing your best to find the owner of the white cat, my condolences are with you and your family during this difficult time. Also a big thank you to Victoria Buzz for sharing this and making the situation known.”

Sgt. Steve Eassie with Saanich Police says officers have been canvassing the neighbourhood to determine if there is any source to cause these animals to become sick. “At this point we don’t know whether it is an intentional act on somebody’s part, or whether this is accidental.”

“We are encouraging homeowners to look through their own properties to see if there are any open containers items such as antifreeze, glycol, which is obviously a derivative of antifreeze, as well as rat poison and things like that. All of those things should be kept in closed containers.”Eassie says anyone living in the area should contact police if they are missing a pet, or if their pet appears to be sick .

UPDATE:  CHEK News coverage: http://www.cheknews.ca/saanich-police-investigating-pet-deaths/

From Chek News: We’re hoping to do more on this story today and we understand there are pet owners affected who haven’t yet come forward. If your pet – or the pet of someone you know – appears to have been poisoned please call Tess van Straaten in the CHEK newsroom at  250-480-3700 .

Link to Facebook warning post: http://bit.ly/petsoncareyrd

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