Sometimes you just get lucky on your afternoon commute. Maybe you get a green light at every intersection, or your favourite song comes on the radio.

Or maybe an armoured truck accidentally opens and spills cash all over the highway.

Ok, that’s not exactly common (or strictly speaking, legal – more on that in a moment). But it was a reality for drivers on Interstate 20 near Weatherford, Texas this past Friday.

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Weatherford Police say they started getting calls around 3:00 p.m. saying drivers were stopping along I-20 to scoop up handfuls of cash, a scene captured on cellphone video by a driver who happened to be on the interstate at the time.

“There was a lot of money flowing around there. Some people had handfuls and it was all crumpled up,” Aldrige told the CBS News affiliate in Dallas, Texas. “It looked like an Easter egg hunt. They were bent over picking up stuff.”

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