Last week, thieves hit Mayfair Optometric Clinic​ twice, stealing nearly $10,000 worth of sunglasses. Victoria police confirmed an arrest was made after one alleged thief was identified from a surveillance video made public.

The first time, the male entered the location alone and is seen on video surveillance removing sunglasses and putting them in the pockets of his hoodie and cargo pants.

Three days later, the same individual returned, this time accompanied by a female.  The young woman is seen bending security locks and removing sunglasses while the man keeps a watchful eye.  When approached by Mayfair Optometric Clinic employees, the two individuals quickly left.  Victoria Police have confirmed the man seen in the video has been arrested.  So now they are just looking for the female.

There is a possibility that these people are also wanted in connection with several sunglass thefts through out the Victoria area in the past couple of weeks.

Mayfair Optometric Clinic and Victoria Police request the publics assistance in identifying thes female in the surveillance.  Please also be aware of name brand sunglasses being sold on the internet locally that come without a case, and are priced far below retail value.  The name brands stolen include Ray Ban, Serengetti, Jimmy Choo and others.

Watch surveillance video:

From Times Colonist:

A Victoria optometry store out nearly $10,000 after two brazen thefts last week is thanking the community for tips that led to an arrest Wednesday.

Victoria police confirmed an arrest was made after one alleged thief was identified from a surveillance video made public via local media. No names will be released until charges are approved. (the male in the video was arrested, police are still looking for the female)

“To say we are grateful to live and own a business in Victoria is a true understatement. We are very proud to be a part of this community,” said Mary Lou Newbold, who has owned Mayfair Optometric Clinic with her husband, Stephen Taylor, for 15 years.

On April 15, the Douglas Street store had more than $3,500 in high-end sunglasses stolen by what appeared in video footage to be a man who rode up on a bicycle and stuffed the merchandise into his clothes. The man had a distinctive neck tattoo.

Three days later, staff said, the same man returned to the store with a woman. While staff approached the man, the woman allegedly removed security locks from eight pairs of sunglasses worth more than $2,000 and slipped them into her bag.

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