Monday was a good day for Deanna Brett of the Love Sooke Facebook page as she captured this rare moment on video. Deanna says she’s been told that the two orcas that came into the Sooke Harbour are believed to be mother (50y) and son (35y) T11 & T11a.

I’m pretty excited about this video! This is our home! We are always gifted with amazing sights and glorious wildlife. Not often do we have orca in the harbour, I feel truly blessed to have been able to witness them enjoying the waters so very close to home. I’ve included multiple spy hops for your entertainment! The big male only spy hopped once, but I could watch that all day! Orcas seen off Whiffin Spit !If you enjoy all that Love Sooke provides please feel free to share this page so others can be notified of upcoming sightings throughout the season! Cheers! Deanna Watch in HD :)Music:

Posted by Love Sooke on Monday, April 13, 2015

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